The Final Hours of Tomb Raider: Multiplayer mode

As Lara descends into the dark environments on this mysterious island in the pacific, the odds have been stacked against her. Lara and the crew of the Endurance face a virtual army of malevolent foes, once survivors like themselves, driven to an obsessive protection of the secrets the island holds.

Within this charged atmosphere of deadly traps and even deadlier enemies, Lara and crew must scavenge for resources, and focus each moment on staying alive. This is the backdrop for yet another first for the series, an action packed multiplayer.

Players are in the driver’s seat as each member of the fated Endurance crew poised to defend, rescue or eradicate protected shelters and survival caches. In a devilish twist, players can even take the role of the single-minded psychotics that make up the scavenger “natives” and make end-runs around our intrepid crew.

In The Final Hours of TOMB RAIDER #4, check out the featured multiplayer mode, its development, and learn more about the gameplay options available. Visit the Official Facebook and Twitter #Reborn for TOMB RAIDER and weigh in on this exciting upcoming launch!

Robert Allen Peeler
Community Manager, ready to bow-choke my way to victory


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