Tomb Raider Feeding the Hungry

An amazing and ambitious project has been debuted today by Crystal Dynamics. The company is citing the new Tomb Raider’s inspirations to be the  real life survivors of adversity. Together with Feeding America, Tomb Raider aims to raise 10,000 dollars towards feeding the needy. And now they need our help! A link to the official site can be found here.

Crystal Dynamics provided the following mission statement on its cooperation with Feeding America via

Tomb Raider was inspired by the real courageous actions of people everyday and is now gathering those stories of survival and overcoming obstacles to create a courage database. And each story counts because the more courage we gather, the closer we get to donating to Feeding America®.

raiderAlready, this impassioned blog is filling up with the tales of men and women overcoming all kinds of disparities. An anthology of those who’ve lived though certain death situations, abuse, and many more heart-wrenching obstacles promising to inspire. Read though testimonials of true perseveranceI dare you to not tear up.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics took a huge risk from the start following the release of the “Crossroads” trailer. Tackling an issue like sexual assault, and allowing you to witness a young hostage have to kill for the first time. Reception to this particular part of Lara’s story was mixed. The material was heavy, especially for a teaser, and the marketing was effective.

The artists who developed Tomb Raider put a lot of research and visible passion into the project. They use an established female icon and transform her into the hero we can all be, if survival is the only option. I commend the Tomb Raider team for this new exciting look into humanity, especially Crystal Dynamics in its endeavor to give back.

If you haven’t already, please contribute to the efforts of Tomb Raider and Feeding America by telling your tales of survival and sharing. Once again, a link to the official site can be found here. Follow it and submit videos, written stories, and photos, sharing your own personal triumphs.


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