Deadpool Coming Soon

If you didn’t already know there’s a new Marvel game coming out, simply entitled Deadpool. Due to be released this summer on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 with online gameplay capability, everyone’s favorite anti-hero is going to be the star he always knew he should be. High Moon Studios has released this bloody trailer containing all the juvenile one-liners you could ask for, an air-guitar solo, and even a rave review from Deadpool’s mother! I know, I know… but stop throwing money at the screen because there’s more!

The story is set to begin (of course) with a mission to kill. He wouldn’t be the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ without any mercenary missions now would he? However, the plot takes a turn for chaos and adventure when Deadpool is brought to the infamous island of Genosha. There the fate of the world rests on Deapools broad shoulders (swoon). Sean Miller the game director released the following information about the gameplay on Playstation Blog,

It has all the elements of an action brawler mixed with a solid shooting experience. Deadpool’s Gun-Fu fight style allows you to flow effortlessly between melee and gunplay in close-quarters combat, but also affords tighter aiming for picking off enemies at range.

Also citing an in-depth shop where players can purchase weapons, combos and all around enhance the challenge.

Not much new information has been released as to when we will be able to purchase the game, but High Moon Studios themselves released information stating that Deadpool (the company’s CEO/CFO/COO/MD), “is working feverishly with duckt tape to get you the new details soon…ish,”. So stay tuned and start stocking up on chimichangas!


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