Rumor: New Star Wars game might be in works

Leaked information about upcoming Star Wars game?

So far there’s no confirmations on how true is this fact but, Kotaku website has recently posted that a new Star Wars game might be being developed, and it might be tied to Battlefront Series – Star Wars: First Assault.

According to Kotaku this game is suposed to be a downloadable online multiplayer game, and it is being developed as a “Call of Duty-style first-person shooter, being therefore in development under the codename “Tigger”.

That’s First Assault. And according to our source, who is familiar with the project but says he is “no longer familiar with the goings-on” at LucasArts, this game is a downloadable “predecessor” to Battlefront III—part of the studio’s strategy to show that there’s a market for Star Warsshooters running on the Unreal Engine.

The story of Star Wars: Battlefront III is long and well-documented. Commissioned as the third game in the Battlefront shooter series, Battlefront III has bounced from developer to developer over the past few years. Although LucasArts has yet to officially announce the game, leaked footage and images show what could have been, and development studio Free Radical has claimed the game was 99% finished when LucasArts killed it.

Star Wars: First Assault, our source says, would lead up to Battlefront III. This new Battlefrontwould use nothing from the Battlefront III that has already been in production at studios like Free Radical and Slant Six, our source says. Instead, LucasArts would build Battlefront IIIbased on code from First Assault.

Read the full article: Kotaku


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