Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Deleted Scenes Revealed


Released October last year, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D saw its way into DVD and Blue-Ray early last month in the US, but new editions are soon being released in more other countries. However, While the US domestic version of the movie didn’t have any appealing bonuses (only containing a 2 minute featurette, already online before the release, and the theatrical trailer), other countries, in special France, are offering some huge bonuses where deleted scenes, 40 minute making of and many other goodies like a Pyramid Head Statue, Posters and cards, make part of the bunch.

Anyway, the scenes that didn’t make their way into the final cut of the movie are already online, and, if in the past we could hope that they could explain the flaws and the rushing story seen in the theatre, we now can conclude that they had nothing to do with that. So far we have 11 minutes of deleted scenes, however, rumors say that there’ are, at least, more 30 minutes of this kind of material. Not confirmed, these 11 minutes show some raw material from shooting, only with basic montage. Irrelevant moments that gladly didn’t appear in the movie! Let’s consider exception a couple of scenes. But in the end you say it for your own justice!


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