PS Vita Shows Signs of Life


New owners of the PS Vita in Tokyo

Surprise surprise! Vita prices jet-set beyond expectations… in Japan. Following its price cut, not even a whole month ago, not very surprisingly. It was February 28th, when the cost of both regular Wi-Fi and subscription 3G versions of the system were reduced by about 50 USD. Still, the Vita continues to be outsold by the 3DS.

Don’t get too down on yourself though Sony fans, that wasn’t a dig. When you take into account the entire picture: a price cut, a growing library, and the ability to synch with the PS4, I anticipate that Sony will be giving Nintendo some real competition in the very near future. As you may imagine the boost in sales also lead to a boost in Playstation software. Last week no Vita games had found themselves in the Top-20 list of best-selling games.  But this week, 3 titles have worked their way into the roster!

Source: Gamasutra



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