Why the PS4 is kinda a big deal


Back in February we all saw Sony’s PlayStation Conference in which they made sure that this time they beat Microsoft to the punch. For some, the conference left a bitter taste in their mouths, while others shared a more optimistic viewpoint about it. Either way everyone took to the internet to voice their opinions about it. But let’s face it, for console gaming, the PS4 is a pretty big deal.

Probably the most important announcement is the hardware specifications. For the CPU, Sony has ditched their own cell microprocessor in favor of eight x86-64 cores supported by AMD’s Jaguar CPU architecture. Although one would expect this on a mid-high range PC, the x86 is easier to work with, meaning developers will have much more incentive to develop their software for the PS4. Not only this but the PS4 comes with 8 GB of GDDR5 unified system memory, which is 16 times that of the PS3. In layman’s terms this means bigger and more populated environments, hi-res textures and faster loading times to give a few examples.

Aside from the hardware though, PS4 is coming with some new features. The most prominent is probably their focus on the “community”, something they didn’t entirely grasp last generation. Users will be able to set up their own profile, share images and videos on their gaming experiences which other users can comment on and view. This accompanied by a mini feed will keep users up-to-date with what their friends are doing. This can all be accessed by the game hub, which is similar to what is featured on the WiiU, allowing users to browse their games and any updates pertaining to them.

But perhaps the most exciting feature is Sony’s approach on the world of “Let’s Play” which, if you haven’t been living under a rock, is a pretty big deal. Users will be able to stream their games, allowing others use to watch them, and is accompanied by a comment thread much like what you would expect on something like Twitch Tv.

Finally though the most important feature for any games console is the games which Sony showed they have. From first party we got to see the new and impressive Killzone title and probably my favourite, Infamous: Second Son. However, it was third-party which really shone, especially Capcom’s demo of Deep Down, which looked impressive to say the least! Oh and let’s not forget Shinji Hashimoto’s famous, and controversial, appearance where he appeared and simply said there will be a new Final Fantasy on the console. That news alone already got the rumors of Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, flying around – again.


Though not everyone is pleased about the news.

There was a distinct lack of any new IP’s shown at the conference, something which was present as the PS3 reveal. Not only this but PC experts, and gamers alike, are already saying that the PS4 will be outdated in the next 4-5 years. Either way the PS4 is going to be awesome, and Microsoft are going to need to really push the boat out to step up to Sony this generation.


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