PREVIEW: Bioshock Infinite

Since Bioshock Infinite was first announced at E3 2011, the title found itself riding in on some rocky waters. Originally set to hit shelves February 26 2013, production and the date were delayed when a major addition was made to the Irrational staff. Epic’s Rod Fergusson (Gears of War) jumped ship during development of Gears of War: Judgement and was put on the Bioshock Infinite team. Both games are dropping this month! For Infinite, Rob is serving as executive vice-president of development. He agreed to help finish the delayed title and demanded the game’s release be pushed back a month for additional refinements. From the looks of recent previews, it has been worth the wait. Bioshock Infinite is an exciting title that we here at GameSoul Online can’t wait to play!


Basic Plot:

Bioshock Infinite has a new look but still reminds us of our first descent into the depths of Rapture. The game focuses on our protagonist Booker DeWitt as he is being rowed out to a waystation, anticipating access to a whimsical floating world wherein its secrets remain to be seen, Columbia. Set in 1912, DeWitt is commissioned to rescue a young woman being held captive in the city and as  you progress, you find out her special powers hold the ability to control rifts in time that threaten the fabric of the floating conurbation. With her help DeWitt clears a vicious path through the city, battling brutal populations of elite and. Rather than an underwater setting the new game is literally up in the air. A few places seen so far are in the clouds, a high-flying and windy city which includes both indoor and outdoor settings, and  to help maneuver across this world is the Skyline (a series of railways connecting the buildings), from which you can glide from space to space.


Ken Levine announced at E3 2011 that Infinite will support the PS Move. Levine stated that the move is the best suited motion sensitive controller for a FPS during the conference at E3 2011 yet no one outside the production team has tried the Move controls. The controls in Infinite are new, focusing on the individual gamer’s personal style, with systems designed to give player’s a choice within not only for combat but also general mobility. The use of Skylines increase mobility and act as a tactical options when fighting large numbers of enemies. With Elizabeth’s aid, you will be given ammo, health, and various other stat boosters, as well as receive hints as to where to find the nearest stations. Additionally, Elizabeth’s powers can be used to enhance Vigors, but at the expense of her own physical strength.

The Vigors (similar to plasmids in previous Bioshock titles) are the primary abilities that Booker will gain. With the complete collection of just 8, they will allow your character extraordinary abilities powered solely by Salts. Controls for Vigors vary, for example some may be used to push enemies away with a quick push of a button, and pull an enemy in for melee attacks by holding the button in. Other Vigors (such as the Devil’s Kiss), can be used traditionally like plasmids, or placed down on the floor as a trap. This is useful when you want to lure in a swarm of enemies. All Vigors can be upgraded.

Some additional commentary on the gameplay can be seen above via IGN: Bioshock Infinite Combat Commentary! All-in-all this title is promising to be a blockbuster for Irrational Games and I look forward to playing Bioshock Infinite to its entirety. Ken Levine with the help of his staff have put together a rich piece perfectly blended our beloved Rapture from the first two games, with Bioshock’s unique mixture of both history and art… that just so happens to be a lot of fun to play. Stay tuned for our official review!


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