Lara Croft, Samus Aran, Jill Valentine, Bayonetta… Do you recognize these names?
Those are some of the most well-known female lead characters in gaming. They are strong, intelligent and very capable of handling any situation thrown at them.

But they are women… So we can expect them to be weaker, not as meaningful and overall less charismatic than men, or can we?

As we can all see, most videogame lead characters are men, and according to some people on the gaming industry (I´m not gonna name names, do your “googling” lazy people!) female protagonists make games sell less and make players less interested in experiencing a story through a women’s point of view.

Well that doesn’t bode well for me! Why in the world would playing as a female be worse than playing with a male? Why? I, sincerely hope people (especially publishers) stop going this route and start giving producers room to work on their great ideas, independently of the lead’s gender!

As a man, I get as much enjoyment playing as Nathan Drake or Kratos as I do with Lara croft or Bayonetta! The gender does not matter, good storytelling matters! And if those old fashioned ways of thinking are based on true statistics then people need to wake up, its 2013 for God’s sake! Do we really need to continue with this gender discrimination? Even in gaming??

C’mon, put your thinking hats on and give this matter a few minutes of thought…

On this topic i urge you all  to go and purchase the new Tomb Raider game! I can say i have already beaten it and its a wonderful game, with good storytelling (simple and straightforward but enjoyable none the less); and a well developed main character that is determined, self reliant and strong! And guess what? Its a woman, and I love the game!! Most people i know also loved it and it is selling well as far as I know…

The gaming Industry Must evolve past these rudimentary problems if it is to mature and reach a even broader audience and finally get the respect it deserves!


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