Inside Scoop of Battlefield 4

news Battlefield4 Images accidentally leaked following the announcement. 

EA has finally leaked some new details about the next installment of the Battlefield series; Battlefield 4. During coinciding conferences which took place in Stockholm and San Francisco EA also offered a short glimpse into the game’s combat and a 17 minute (dramatic) gameplay demo. The demo starts with the player literally immersed in the action as it is his duty to save himself and squad mates from a sinking car!

EA promises that Battlefield 4 will see a whole new slew of multiplayer options, larger and more detailed maps, as well as new weapons and vehicles, and most interestingly; the ability to direct the AI! In addition, EA is initiating a more in-depth system to track your progress during single player to make the game more social, but really it’s just to give the player more bragging rights.


A spokesperson for EA has confirmed that although no mention of next generation platforms are in the works and that the company is still remaining focused on releasing the title for what is already available to the players (PC, XBOX 360, & PS3). As an incentive for pre-order  Battlefield 4 will include a Premium expansion pack at no extra cost, and for those of you who are serious fans, and Digital Deluxe version is also available for pre-order including: an Origin special edition game, and unannounced in-game weapons and items available exclusively for that particular package. For those who pre-order the Digital Deluxe will be granted access to the game’s multiplayer beta.

Source: IGN


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