“The Wolf Among Us” – the new Telltale Games series

Telltale, after the sucess with The Walking Dead videogame, is now working in a brand new game, also in a series perspective. The game’s name is “The Wolf Among Us” and it is based on “Fables”, a comic book. While we haven’t much more information about it, we know it will probably follow the roots and perspectives of The Walking Dead 1st season game, whose Season 2 is coming very soon, still this year!

Check out the Telltale’s announcement via facebook:

Can’t wait for Season 2 of The Walking Dead? Maybe this’ll tide you over for a while. Our next games series has received its official title, logo and first piece of art!

The Wolf Among Us is based on ‘Fables’, an award-winning comic book series published by DC Comics’ imprint Vertigo. Created by Bill Willingham, Fables tells the story of the characters and creatures of legend, lore and fairytale living among us. Exiled from their homelands, they seek refuge in a hidden society in New York – Fabletown.

Head over to the new official Facebook page to find out more!


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