The Walking Dead: “You kill or die, or you die and kill”


This article might contain strong Spoilers about The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale
Read at your own risk

About one week after season 3 finale of The Walking Dead, we’ve decided to take a look at what marked this last season and what we can expect from the 4th season to be released in October.

From the very beggining, since its first season, The Walking Dead seemed to be a very promising show, and it actually happened to be true. Getting better and better, the 3rd season was probably the most dramatic one so far, marking the depature of some of the former cast, as well as it represented big changes on the plot, more than any of the other seasons managed to do. However, specially on the season finale, there is huge controversy around the decisions taken, and how they will affect the course of the plot during season 4.

From what we were able to see, Rick managed to bring the community from Woodsbury to he’s prison, where he will probably stick around with the rest of the group. This decision marked the big change on Rick’s character, as he starts looking at life in a whole new way, after what he just experienced with Andrea. The unexpected departure of Laurie Holden (Andrea) from the series,( unlike it happened in the comic books, where her character remains alive and sharing a love story with Rick), came to change things around. The leader (Rick) seems to be way more sane now, from what we could see, and took a noble decision when brought everyone with him to a “safe” place, if we can call that prison “safe”, of course. This decision was a way to honor Andrea’s efforts to save everyone always expecting the best of people. However this season finale left many lose ends, as we had no trace of The Governor, or what he’s planning to do now. Of course that mystery will be unveiled next season, just like Robert Kirkman teased when interviewed by IGN. Things will change alot next season, despite of the fact that everything remains the same, the group or survivers remained on the prison, and the governor is out there. This is what really differs from the past season finales, where it was clear what was planned to happen next. This time we have no clue of what the writers are planning to do, but, just testing possibilities, Adrea’s departure from the series seemed too unexpected, can it possibly mean that we might have a surprise next season? Was Andrea’s death only to open Rick’s eyes and make him change his attitude towards reality?
And what’s your opinion about the season 3 finale, did you agree with all the decisions taken? What do you expect from Season 4?


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