Batman: Arkham Origins Announced

Batman is probably the most famous super hero around videogames, with two games absolutely stunning, so “Arkham Origins” is great news!
There isn’t alot of information about the game yet, but we can tell it promises to be big, keeping most of the main aspects from past games, so players will be familiar with controls and tactics, as well as it will bring some new moves and skills such as the “Remote Claw” that allows you to target two enemies, shoot them and then pull them against each other. About the map, it promises to be about the double as seen in “Arkham City”, as well as Batman will have plenty to do, in side quests and detective “jobs”.


Between all the news and updates, it has been confirmed that main antagonist to stand on Batman’s way is the well known Black Mask, which goal is to hunt Batman among Gotham’s outlaw population.


Excited? You’ll still have to wait some months, as Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (a spin-off for Nintendo 3DS and Vita) will both be released on 25th October, this year, on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and WiiU. In the meanwhile, take a look at this video that teases the next GameInformer cover featuring Batman: Arkham Origins!

Source: GameInformer EuroGamer



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