Ubisoft’s Uplay Hacked


Yesterday, Ubisoft’s online digital distribution platform Uplay was hacked by Russian Hackers, who, according to gameranx found a way to exploit a vulnerability on the Uplay Launcher. Several people used this exploit to download games they did not own, tricking the digital platform to believe they had bought games they actually didn’t…

Furthermore Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a standalone expansion for Far Cry 3 set in the future, with an 80’s action game/movie feel, due for release on 1st May, was also available for hackers to download and is already downloadable from many bit torrent client websites. Some might argue that all publicity is good publicity but we have yet to see if this will hurt the games sales or in contrast, generate hype that may lead to better sales…

We, at Gamesoul, do not condone any type of piracy, and believe that using this or any other exploits is immoral and in fact hurts the Industry! It is also one of the biggest reasons some games do not even see the light of day on PC…


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