Saints Row Silverscreen Rumors Confronted


This story has been murmured all across the gaming world for years. In an interview with Gamasutra dating back to November 12, 2010, Brian Farrel the CEO of former game developer THQ stated that a Saints Row movie should be released around the same time the next game installment hit shelves. Well, that time has come and gone, THQ has since gone under, Saints Row IV is set to drop in August, and rumors of this endeavor are still heating the room. Even rapper 50 Cent had expressed interest in developing a screenplay for a Saints Row film, but ever since THQ declared bankruptcy just one month following the Gamasutra interview, no other words on this particular collaboration have resurfaced.

It’s been a long road since 2010 and a lot of things have changed. Deep Silver, a subdivision of Koch Media, currently own the rights to Saints Row. Interestingly, Koch Media has a history of film production in Europe had has partnered with Hollywood to release films like Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead and Moon among others in the past. In 2011, the company also has sold the film rights to the Dead Island to Lionsgate, another Deep Silver title. Compound that resume alongside 2013’s interest in zany live-action blockbusters such as G.I. Joe and surreal comedies such as Scary Movie, it’s no wonder why the notion is still very much alive. If there was ever a time for this project to come to fruition, it’s now!

On one hand I wonder how this campy-gangsta style story would fare with the pressure of making a big-hollywood-dollar returns. Yet on the other, fight sequences featuring  thugs getting wacked with phallic objects in 3D could be the gimmick movie-goers are looking for. Perhaps Saints Row could be a summer sleeper hit, or best-case-scenario, an enjoyable twist on the traditional ‘midnight movie’ genre.

Klemens Kundratitz, Koch Media’s CEO has confirmed yesterday in an interview with VentureBeat, that he is considering pushing for a Saints Row movie, and went on to add,

“If a company can deliver that transmedia experience, we are probably one of the few that have the ambition and ability to deliver that.”

Traditionally video games turned movies are bad. Some accidentally tread the so-bad-it’s-good  path, while most aren’t worth the price of the ticket. However, when taken into the context of a Saints Row title (which barely takes itself seriously) I’d think the transition to a movie would be much easier than something as earnest as Mass Effect which has also indulged movie rumors in the past, or Resident Evil which when transitioned to film balances between incidental camp and just plain sucking.

I turn the argument towards you, the fans; Is this a smart move on behalf of any major movie production house to take on a Saints Row title? What do you think?

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