EA Retiring From Facebook…Partially…


In accordance to a piece of news released a few days ago, in which we mentioned Electronic Arts had closed down their mobile Montreal studio, today the American giant announced that “The Sims Social”, “SimCity Social” and “Pet Society”, three facebook games of theirs will be closed off on June 14th.

Despite calling the decision “difficult”, it seems to be the most sensible solution due to the fact that no one is playing those games anymore, Ea themselves said the reason to be closing these games down is “inactivity”, and even personally, I spent 1 or maybe 2 days coming back to those games but then calling it quits.


It is yet to be revealed what will happen to the money people have put into their accounts on those 3 games, although players are being urged to spend it before the games go offline…

Having to spam friends or pay real money to accelerate gameplay, for example, are terrible practices these games are to blame for and it pity’s me not to see them go away…


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