Shinji Mikami’s live action reveal of “The Evil Within”

The lid has been lifted on Shinji Mikami’s long awaited project. Shinji Mikami is best known as the father of the Resident Evil franchise, often cited as bringing survival horror to a mainstream audience; however he left Capcom Production Studio 4 in 2004, shortly after the release of Resident Evil 4, moving on to work on titles such as God Hand and Vanquish. After moving from studio to studio he went on to open Tango Gameworks to work on his new project, codenamed “Zwei”.

After a year of waiting we now have our first reveal trailer; however, no game footage is present and instead is presented as a live action trailer (not as cheesy as that Resi 1 opening!), but reveals some of the possible themes, and some possible creepy monsters, that will appear in the title now entitled “The Evil Within”.

The Evil Within will be released for the Xbox360, PS3, PC and next generation consoles sometime in 2014.

Source: IGN


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