Ouya has over 10.000 Developers on Board!


While I was skeptical about this $99 Android based console at first, now I find myself quite curious about it.

Companies like Square Enix, Double Fine and Tripwire Interactive are some of the names that will be bringing you experiences on the new system.

Ouya’s games won’t be “next-gen”, of course, but I’m starting to believe this project will have a place of its own in the market and maybe I’ll even join the band wagon…

I’ve never been big on casual games but I’ve always been an Indie game lover!! Maybe now those two will merge somehow, and we can finally get some good and original (also cheap) experiences on the living room.

Console specs include:

– HDMI 1080p

– Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS

– Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU

– 8 GB of Hard Drive (not much)

1 GB of Ram (also not much)


Ouya’s Kickstarter was set to a $950.000 goal and ended up getting a whooping $8,596,474 !!

Every game will also have a free to try option on the store, allowing you to try the games before buying them.

Ouya seems to be on the right track to bring us something new and fresh, and despite some of the specs looking underwhelming, people seem to have high hopes for it, and so do I!


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