Visit Helm’s Deep in the newest Lord of the rings online expansion


If you ever wanted to visit Helm’s Deep this will be your chance, coming this fall to Lord of the Rings Online!

Although its price was not revealed, quality is almost assured in what will be the 5th expansion to this ever expanding MMO that has seen an exponential growth in its fanbase (and revenue) since it went Free-to-Play back in 2010.

Players will get to visit Dunharrow, Edoras and Hornburg (three new fully explorable areas) and even meet Éowyn, Éomer and King Théoden.

The expansion will also feature the “most massive conflict yet” in the form of the Battle of the Hornburg and new skills and class especializations will be available as well.

Last, but not least, the level cap will be raised from the current 85 to 95.


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