The Sims 4 hitting store shelves in 2014


Yes, that’s right, according to Ea, Maxis is working on the next entry on the beloved Sims franchise! Due to come out in 2014 for Pc and Mac, almost nothing is known about the game, except one screenshot (which you can see in this page) and the fact that the game will be playable offline, with no always online DRM, which is the right way to go!

The game will be singleplayer focused but EA has confirmed that they are working on some form of multiplayer but there are no details on that at all…

So that is all, dismiss the many rumors floating about on the web, as there is no more confirmed information other than what we provided you here. Let’s just hope they won’t be as focused on milking the franchise as they are nowadays and instead focus on making a great game!


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