RE Revelations on the Wii U and Why that Works Best

rerevelations1 5/8/13

Resident Evil Revelations is my favorite Resident Evil game and also my favorite handheld game. It was scary, it was difficult, and it was a way better follow-up to RE4 than RE5 was on every account even despite its platform. So it is no surprise to me that the title is being ported to all major home consoles, including the Wii U, on May 21, 2013. Considering the platform it is being ported from the 3DS I can easily see at face value why the Wii U should be the preferred  machine to be playing the newer extended version of the game on, however there is more than what meets the eye swaying me towards this direction and I’m going to explain exactly why.

The Wii U and only the Wii U offer unique mechanics that because of its origins allow the game to play as it was intended to play. The Miiverse offers the most disparate and intriguing features for the game which aren’t even available on the 3DS version. For example, what seems to only be worthy of comedic value; some zombies can be altered to include thought bubbles over their heads. So if you feel like giving your friend a chuckle perhaps consider tempting him or her with a hot zombie kiss as pictured above. If this isn’t quite cool enough for you, another unique messaging feature allows for you to leave notes to other players with tips on how to get around a fateful death which you have also faced. We’ve seen this feature used before for the Super Mario Bros on the Wii U. Perhaps your little tip may be the one piece of advice to get the player out of a difficult situation… or you could use it to be a douche and troll your fellow gamer friends– Whatever floats your boat really.

Nintendo recieves occasional gripes for its obsession with double screens and, with the handhelds in particular, I can, at times, understand why two screens aren’t exactly necessary. However, bringing a functional dual-screen control scheme to a single player home console game which has many more advanced moving parts the usefulness increases dramatically. The Wii U pad’s screen streamlines many functions such as showing the map and weapon selection, which before would have forced players to pause the game and break the flow of the experience. This is important to limit in all games but particularly for those within the survival horror genre. The gamepad will also aid you in interacting with the environment through puzzles and other prompted mini games. And of course you will be able to choose between playing on the television or on the gamepad. While this isn’t innovative in the slightest, I do think that it’s a great feature for the system in general. Since I’ve already played it on a handheld that offers the dual-screen functions I’m not sure I see much merit in playing it on the gamepad in my house without them, however but it’s nice for those who prefer it or maybe have to share their television.

Wii U trailer for Revelations

3DS crossover content could be an interesting offer especially for those of us loyal Resident Evil fans who bought the game back when it cost $40.00 well spent US dollars. The port to consoles will offer more content which is great because the handheld version played on average about 10 hours which for a console title is very short. If they offer a reduced price for those who have bought the game much like they do for Wii to Wii U games that’d be even better! It’s also important to note that this isn’t a direct port to the larger consoles. In addition to the core campaign and co-op RAID mode experience Capcom will be adding new character costumes and new playable characters and features to RAID mode, providing an even higher difficulty mode called “Infernal Mode”, including a new enemy to the mix and randomizing all enemy positions, adding more save slots, of course more weapon customization parts, more character skills, integration/unlockables, and completely reworked visuals. Yes, it’s a lot when you look at it in writing but it’s the very least they could have done when porting it to a system which has much more power and capabilities than the original console. I’d imagine why typically ports work in the reverse order. But RE Revelations was so awesome, it had to be shared with everyone in higher definition…. and I couldn’t agree more.

So although the reasons stated are small, it’s important to realize that the small things matter when making a gaming experience as optimal as it could possibly be. Perhaps Revelations won’t be the reason that you buy a Wii U, and I’m sure that it will be a blast on the Sony and Microsoft consoles as well as the PC. But for the streamlined convenience offered only by the Wii U gamepad, or the golden chances to goof around with your friends, offer wise advice to the noobs, and perhaps make obscene gestures with the letters at your disposal over a dumb zombie’s head– I’d say if you have a Wii U at your disposal take the chance to experience or re-experience this gem of a title. And rest assured that no matter which you choose to play, RE Revelations will take you back to the way  a classic Resident Evil title should feel to explore– a little bit scary, a little bit intense, very challenging, but always a ton of fun.

Sources: GamingGrad, GameZone


7 responses to “RE Revelations on the Wii U and Why that Works Best

  1. Loved REvelations. The hectic fright of the first couple encounters wore off pretty quickly, but the gameplay was solid the whole way through. And I loved Raid mode, though it was nowhere near as good as Mercs, imo. The enemies were cool though, and there were some great boss encounters.

    And I agree that the gamepad is great for keeping clutter off the screen. I think Nintendo has this problem where third parties don’t exactly know what to do with the alternative inputs that Nintendo provides them, but even if every third party was super lazy and just put map and inventory data on the gamepad, that would totally validate it in my eyes. I hate pausing games to look at maps, because I’m completely directionally challenged.

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