The Road to Greenlight – Borders, Sharks and Tycoons

TheroadtoGreenlight featured

Welcome to the new segment of Gamesoul, The Road to Greenlight. As you probably know, GreenLight is a feature on the Pc digital distribution plataform Steam.

Through this feauture Indie developers get a chance to show their games to the steam comunity, by making a page for their game, with trailers and screenshots along with plain text explaining what their title is about; it is basically a page like all the other steam games have!

In this page, steam users get to vote if they would like to see the game available on steam or not. If a game reaches a certain number of thumbs up (people who like the game) it will then be approved and available for everyone to buy it.

A few examples of games that got “GreenLit” were MC Pixel, Forge and Postal 2, all games i approved myself too.

Not only can Indie games be approved but also any other game that isn’t already available on steam; Postal 2, for example, was released long ago but it was never brought to steam and now it’s available after being people voted on by enough fans although the exact number of “likes” a game needs to reach to be published is unknow to me.

Now that we got the explaining out of the way I want to talk to you about 3 games that caught my attencion recently on Steam GreenLight!


First, we got “Papers, Please”, a game where you play as a border control agent and your job is to let people trough your country’s border, or not if they don’t have the proper documentation. You  gain money every time you let someone into your nation and you’ll need it to take care of your family! Every day you gain money that will be spent to give your family food and to keep them warm, if you don’t make enough cash, they can get sick and eventually die! This mechanic is particullarly good because sometimes you need money and you want to just allow everyone trough the border, but what if they are terrorists, will you risk it to make extra cash? Even if they are not you’ll get a penalty for letting people in without the proper documentation… The game has been Greenlit recently and will be available this summer.


Next, let’s take a look at a very interesting game named “Game Dev Tycoon“. If you have ever play Game Dev Story for Ios or Android you will find a very similar experience here! You start your own videogame company in your basement (which serves as a tutorial), make a few games and reserches into technology and you will then move on to a bigger office with more people working with you. There are inumerous genres nd types of games you can make, and all consoles from our own videogame hisrtory are there, although their names are somewhat altered in order not to make any copywriter infringment. This game is very enjoyable and complex, despite its simple graphics and sometimes lack of visual stimulation, the ammount of choices you can make and reserches to take, all the people you can hire and the various ways to make money (take contracts, aquire a publishing deal, etc) make this game very and i mean VERY addicting!


Last, but not least, we have “Stranded Deep“. Still in Alpha stage and due to arrive late 2013, you will play as an airplane crash survivor, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, only you and your lifeboat. The game promises a different experience each time, survival aspects (such as hunger and health), item crafting, and more. Surrounded by sharks and other wildlife it is up to you to decide if it is safe to dwelve into the water to et some of your supplies back, for example… Not much more is known about this game, and the game itself looks a bit clunky, but given the premise I am willing to give it a shot and I’ll be sure to follow this project closely!

Those were the 3 games I wanted to bring to your attention today and i must mention that I have NO connection whatsoever to any of these games or game companies, I am merely showing my interest and appreciation for these projects and showing them to you, because our Industry does need the innovations and originality the Indie market brings to the table!


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