Nintendo E3 Rumors


Rumors of what’s to come for the Nintendo E3 presentation have naturally been speculated by fans and industry professionals as we all look forward to what Nintendo has to offer. However, Nintendo opting out of it’s traditional conference through a wrench in the expectations of many and stirred up even greater speculations. We’re here to divulge only the most interesting of those predictions including:

  • Nintendo will air three to five Nintendo Directs before and around E3, starting on May 30, 2013
  • 3D Mario, which has been confirmed May 3, 2013 during Wii U Direct, will be the grandest Mario game to date and will look unlike anything we’ve seen yet!
  • Retro Studio’s new game, which will be announced soon, may be first person, cutting edge, and something fans have been begging for.
  • Since Namco has joined the Super Smash Bros team, it seems that a Super Saiyan or two may join the roster, however nothing has been finalized.

These small tidbits may not add up to much on their own, but they’re certainly enough to shake a Nintendo fan off of their fears that the mega-company may crash and burn. These projects will broaden an already large fanbase, encourage sales of the 3DS and of course, the Wii U. As well as encourage fans to tune in more intimately with what Nintendo has going on thanks to the more frequent Nintendo Directs. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what Nintendo has up it’s sleeves!

These are all just specualtion at the moment… exciting speculation! We here at Gamesoul Online promise to keep you readers updated as soon as more information becomes available!

Source: WiiU Daily


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