GameStop removed “Rainbow 6: Patriots” from their database


The new entry on Rainbow 6 has been removed from GameStop database, including all the pre-orders that many people already did. The reason why this happened is not yet confirmed but we know that GameStop only removes titles from major publishers if that same title has officially been cancelled. This might be one of the reasons why Patriots “disappeared”, but there’s no way we can know that for sure. When GameSpot talked with Ubisoft, the only words they had to say was that “we have nothing further to share about Rainbow 6: Patriots at this time.” So, for the fans of the series and for the one who cannot wait for Patriots’ realease, there still a small hope that it doesn’t happen, but it isn’t very usual to see Publishers (big ones) taking their games from stores, cancelling all the pre-orders.

Anyway, Rainbow Six: Patriots, is still to be released this year of 2013, if we keep on our minds the official date. As for the platforms, it is still unknown if it will come to new-gen consoles, something that is very likely to happen, based on what Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated last year: ” there is a “good chance” the game will be released for next-generation consoles.”

Source: GameSpot


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