Ea Giving Up on the WIIU


Another nail on the WIIU’s coffin… A few more of theses and the WIIU can kiss the market goodbye!

Electronic Arts spokesperson Jeff Brown stated: “we have no games in development for the Wii U currently.” when speaking to Kotaku. This is bad news for Nintendo, even more when Ea said themselves that the new frostbite engine does not work on the WiiU and that they won’t be bringing Madden or FIFA this year to the console due to the commercial results being “disappointing”.

What do you think? Do you believe the WiiU will eventually pick up the pace and become a force to reckon with, or are they slowly dying out for not evolving and not innovating (and no, the controller barely counts as an innovation).

Lets us know what you think Nintendo should do to get back on top once more!


One response to “Ea Giving Up on the WIIU

  1. EA is a big name, sure, but they’re certainly not going to make or break Nintendo. We have 2K sports on the side of Nintendo so what are they hanging over the Wii U’s head? More plants vs. zombies and flash games? HA!!

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