“Xbox One” System


“Xbox One” is the name of the new Xbox Console that sees the daylight on its third generation. Microsoft started their presentation by showing some of the things we’ll be able to do with the new “Xbox One”, marking a huge jump on what home consoles are supposed to do. Basically, we’ll be given a unique  interactive television experience, that will allow us to bring games, TV shows, Skype, Windows and Xbox Live itself,  to a whole new level. Voice controls are there, and gives us a terrific freedom on what you can wonder about controlling your console. All this is possible thanks to the relation that the new Xbox has with a brand new Kinect re-designed alongside with Smartglass and the well-known controller itself that gives you a never seen before Multitasking Control.


– 5 Billion Transistors
– 8 Core CPU
– 8GB System Memory
– 500GB HDD
– Blu-Ray Disk
-802.11m wireless with Wi-Fi Direct
– HDMI In/Out
– USB 3.0

screen shot 2013-05-21 at 1.07.31 pm


– 1080P HD RGB Camera
– 30 FPS Color
– Time Of Flight (TOF) Technology
– Microphone Arrays



-Integrated Battery Compartment
– Impulse Triggers
– Wi-Fi Direct Radio Stack
– Precision Directional Pad

Make sure you check out our cover of XBOX ONE architecture!


Check out the Gamesoul XBOX ONE Hub to keep updates about new and interesting articles about XBOX ONE console and what you can expect in the following months.


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