PS4 unclear on its Use-Game stance


Following the Xbox One bombshell, blocking shared games and limiting the consumers’ property rights, there naturally has been increasing speculation as to whether the PS4 will likely mandate similar reforms to the way buyers share and purchase used games. It has also been buzzing around that Sony has confirmed it will not charge an additional fee or limit the ability for those sharing the hardware to play the same game on their own profiles without a fee. Well, that isn’t true. Sony continues to dodge answering questions head-on, falling back on the phrase “We will do the right thing.” According to CVG,

“used games will function on PlayStation 4, but [Sony] did not clarify whether players would have ‘original owner rights’ to second hand games, or need to pay for online passes to access the content.

President of Sony Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida refuses to confirm the company’s stance even when pushed, revealing only wordy responses which only indirectly address the question at hand,

“It’s not something that I feel I have any further announcement or comment to make on, other than to acknowledge with you that it’s a massively important issue and of course we are going to do the right thing,”

Most gamers believe it is their right to own and share their purchased games as they have done in the past. Now the question being asked is what is the right thing. The right thing really depends on the perspective, of which Sony’s is transparent; To make money and maintain elite business relations with developers.Gamers all over the world refuse to be blinded by the more captivating new console features and are demanding straight-forward responses. Many are very upset by the way Microsoft has gone about its used game policy and when told that Sony will not go about restricting used game-play in a similar or identical fashion demanded proof. Unfortunately, all the proof anyone can provide points towards exactly what consumers don’t want. Including the fact that Sony has patented technology allowing for them to block pre-owned games.

So much is riding on the Sony and Microsoft E3 presentations set for June 2013. There seems to be a real demand for some serious reform and the property rights to remain firmly in the hand of the consumer. If the companies in question do not make some heavy changes to their proposed plans, many consumers claim that they will see no merit in upgrading to the next generation of consoles for the sake of playing games.

Source: Examiner


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