League of Legends getting a new map

One of the most popular online games on the world is getting a brand new map soon, and it will be shown on All Stars showdown, that started this week in Shanghai, China.

The map’s name is Magma Chamber and was created specially for 1vs1 and 2vs2 games, marking the 5th playable map in the game. However it is still being developed and will only be available when we get closer to the new League of Legends Season, that will probably happen early next year, in 2014.

Here’s what Riot said, as they announced Magma Chamber.

How does a head-to-head match work?

One vs. one competition actually has a pretty long history in the League of Legends community. The first one on one tournament actually took place in beta, and we’ve seen many more battles of this nature since. We tried to stick close to the existing one vs. one conventions.

While you can watch the all-stars treat their favorite champions to a magma tan today, remember this is a sneak peek and the public release is still on the horizon. We’re targeting before the launch of Season 4 while we tackle the following:

  • Tech challenges: A one vs. one map is unlike any game mode we’ve ever launched, and releasing it to millions is a lot different than letting the all-stars play on tournament realm. Before launch we need to load-test the servers and make sure we have the right supporting hardware in place.
  • More testing and optimizing: So far, Magma Chamber’s only optimized for tournament hardware, so there’s a lot of polish and bug sweeping left to finish. Before we can launch, the map needs to run smoothly on our full range of hardware, from the humblest min-spec to the most impressive gaming rig.
  • Game balance: Getting a map ready for live requires a lot of iteration on the design side. Right now we know it’s fun to watch the best players in the world throw down one vs. one, but we need more testing (including a full tour on the PBE) to make sure it’s balanced and fun to play!

We know Season 4 seems like it’s a long way off, but we’re using that time to get Magma Chamber shipshape and ready for launch. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to the new season.

If you play League Of Legends, this is probably something you don’t wanna miss, so keep connected around Gamesoul as we’ll keep you up to date with the latest news. In the meanwhile check out some images straight from Magma Chamber map:


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