REVIEW: Call of Duty Zombies: Die Rise DLC


After the free-trial of Die Rise has been released for Xbox Live users the weekend of May 25, there was one thing to do: Play the living heck out of it! It’s everything Zombie-Heads such as myself were asking for from our Call of Duty investment; large levels which took more than a weekend to play and master, such as the Nuke Town which is designed for multiplayer and generally camping. The Die Rise map is massive and encourages you to explore, nay, mandates it!

Die Rise is beautiful. Aesthetically it truly feels like a post-apocalyptic China. The outside is fully explorable and bright. The inside is reminiscent of dank factories and flushed with shadows. Most of the areas are small, the ground tends to be uneven, and pitfalls are to be expected since the floors have holes and drop to bottom floors. The drops often result in injuring the player and it’s never as easy getting back up to the upper levels. Small levels combined with faulty structure make it difficult to run trains and in turn definitely adds a level of intense difficulty when the multitudes of Zombies swarm, particularly when you land yourself on a floor you didn’t intend to land on.

What’s So Special:

Saying that the level is hard is truly an understatement. In Zombies teamwork is eminent as the hordes get larger and the enemies get quicker and more diverse the need to revive one another in order to save weapons, gain money, and survive to the next level revival is vital. However, in Die Rise revival isn’t always possible. The DLC has been designed to not only be enormous but impossible to navigate with ease. As mentioned above the floors have holes, elevators are randomized, leaps may or may not follow through onto the adjacent platforms! In other words, you probably won’t be able to find your teammate in time to revive him. That’s why the perk made famous in Mob called “Who’s Who?” has been brought over into Die Rise.

“Who’s Who?” allows the player to revive himself. The catch? You get re-spawned on the same floor with a handgun, as a sort-of-clone. Your clone will have to battle his way back to your downed body and revive it. If revived in time you will switch to your old weapons and proceed business as usual. However, if you happen to perish as your clone or not make it to your body in time the game will carry on as if your character reset and you will continue to play as the double with the handgun. This means you will have to repurchase weapons and perks. If you fall and die as the double you’ll re-spawn back in the level like nothing ever happened. No money will be lost if your original avatar dies or if you die as the double trying to reach your original.



Die Rise is a cut above the rest because it has the most assault rifles and sniper rifles available off of the wall. Therefore, the new wall guns deserve their own mention. Of course the original wall guns return, the MP5 and M14 and M16. But in a game where you will die sometime after level 5, those are not enough. It’s imperative that the guns available on the wall can be picked up and carried into battle without godlike aim, unheard of reflexes, and repurchasing an army’s worth of ammo. For a mere 1000 zombie dollars, PDW-57 has an exceptional 200 rounds. The AN-94 is only 1200 bucks and has a capacity of 300 rounds. If Pack-A-Punched these guns are even more impressive and expand bullet capacity. The AN-94’s rounds more than double. These guns could be a desperate hunter’s last hope when there’s no way out of the high rise’s pitfalls or random respawn points.

Silquifier is the name of Die Rises sole Wonder Gun. This is a powerful weapon! Able to shoot through a bushel of zombies with a single shot. The Silquifier may also be used to make the floor slippery, causing the zombies to slip and tremendously hinder their speed. This gun also gives players the unique opportunity to lubricate the floors near open walls and send entire hordes off the ledge. Much like the Jet Gun in Tranzit, you will have to collect the parts for the Sliquifier and build it on a workbench. Unlike the Jet Gun, Sliquifier ammunition will be replenished with Max Ammo and if lost will be added to the Mystery Box’s gun roulette. There are no storage units where you can store weapons and such as a safe or refrigerator. Including these things would seem to be irrational anyway, given the size of the map and its difficulty to navigate. There are strategies to reaching perk vending machines, such as reaching them by way of falling from a top floor after they’ve randomly dropped.


Notable Enemies:

Crawler Zombies are featured in lieu of Hellhounds as a challenging break-up in between the monotony of increasingly difficult zombie swarms. Crawlers are significantly more formidable enemies than Hellhounds for a number of reasons, most notably their ability to harm the player even after death. Crawler Zombies, not to be confused with zombies whose legs have been blown off by grenades, release a foul and harmful odor after being shot down. In addition to their own form of chemical warfare, these enemies can climb up and around walls and ceilings, quickly! Since they move on all fours and so low to the floor it is hard to see them, especially in the midst of their own dead counterparts. A good way to keep the gas down is to kill these particular zombies with knife, because when knifed they don’t release the gasses. If you are able to pass the whole round, killing them only by knife, you will also get a Random Perk Bottle. If you can beat the round without being hit once you will also get a Random Perk Bottle although this will be nearly impossible. These new Crawlers can teleport from wall-to-wall, or any other imaginable combination. It’s advised to have at least purchased Juggernog by the time this round comes around. Regardless, at the end of this round a Max Ammo should generate.


Die Rise is not for the noob player or casual zombie hunter. If you’re interesting in purchasing this DLC understand that you’ll need a team and you’ll need to have a lot of patience to get used to the workings of these rooms and enemies. That being said, for those of us who’ve lost months of our lives to the intoxicating game play begging for a more intensive challenge; This is it! Die Rise delivers in all aspects from more challenging villains, vast maps, new and powerful guns, copious opportunities for fast paced decision-making, and much more hiding within the makings of this well thought out package. Although, the level is missing some perks such as the safe and tombstone it still proves itself to be the answer to many zombie-lover’s prayers. Die Rise is truly the satisfying desert in an already filling Zombie dinner experience.

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