Why Microsoft Dropped the Ball

As most of you know by now, the Xbox One reveal was met with rather “interesting” reactions. While some considered the press conference acceptable and are genuinely interested in the “one box to rule them all” motto, I find myself truly disappointed… Where were the games? All I saw was something about plugging my TV to the XBOX and using the Kinect to change back and forth between channels…

Back when the PS4 was officially unveiled I complained about the focus on the “social” aspect of videogames, a share button on the controller? I enjoyed Sony’s press conference nevertheless, but the shift on focus wasn’t something I appreciated. Seeing the new Xbox just made me want Sony’s event back! At least they want to bring us a GAMING console with social integration and not a TV box that plays games…

I am not here to share the Specs of the “greatly” named Xbox One, as you can find that info on the website already. I’m here to show you how annoyed I am at Microsoft for disregarding gamers as they did. Can you name the games they showed? Ok then, but can you name how much gameplay you saw of those games? None! A console reveal with only a few games and those that were there were pre-rendered videos and unappealing ones at that…

Let’s move on to what they focused on a few days ago… NFL? Watching movies and switching to your games instantly? If there is one thing I love to do is playing a few Call of Duty matches during my movies!! And if I want to use Netflix and the likes of it I can use my 360 just fine… An even more troubling problem is that where I live, the Xbox 360’s online feauters are basically non-existant… We don’t even have Netflix… And I have to pay even more cash each month than the people on the US just to be able to  play online games as the console does not do much else (and I fear the same will happen with the Xbox One).

Microsoft has to realize the USA are NOT the entire world!! Are they marketing their new console only for American citizens? At least bring all your damned features to the rest of the world! And while your at it, bring us something interesting! Not just sports and more sports along with some TV features… You want to dominate the living room but you will only alienate your gamer fan base…

Do I have to mention that you will have to connect to your console to the Internet once a day? And that if you want to borrow a game to a friend, he will have to pay full price to be able to play it in his console?  What about having to keep the Kinect always plugged in for your console to be able to work? Conspiracy theories aside, I don’t want a camera filming me all the time even when the console is turned off!! Want to spend some time with your partner in that comfy couch you just bought for your living room? You can’t, because you have a freaking camera WATCHING YOU all the time!! No thanks Microsoft, I think I’ll PASS!!

E3 is coming, and we’ve been told that Microsoft will focus entirely on games. That might be what saves them in the upcoming console wars and if they show us a lineup full of great exclusives, some people might be willing to give them a chance…

Me, personally? I’ll stick to my PC and probably buy a PS4 when its price drops as I’m not a fan of buying consoles day 1 (red ring of death anyone?). I will steer way clear of the Xbox One as I am a fan of GAMING and PRIVACY, and INDIE games! That’s right, the “One” will not be Indie friendly as developers won’t be able to self publish on it…

Seriously, Microsoft?



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