Pro Evolution Soccer Won’t Have a Next-Gen Release This Year


For all you PES fans out there waiting for the announcement of your favorite soccer franchise for the Ps4 and Xbox One I have bad news… As you can tell by the title, Konami has decided they will skip the next gen consoles this year and will release PES 2014 only for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (the portables won’t even get a version of the game this time around).

The main reason being that Konami didn’t want the version of the new consoles to be a high resolution port of the current gen game, as PES European community manager Adam Bahtti tweeted:

“Not in the business for highres next gen ports(…)We can’t and shouldn’t do that. Bad habit etc(…)So the fact we’re not on PS4/Xbone with PES 2014 is simple. We can’t and shouldn’t be just using higher quality textures etc.(…)In the past people accused us of being lazy,” (…) “We’re adamant of not making the same mistakes, and making sure we create amazing football games.(…)It’s hardly amazing making the nextgen version prettier. We shouldn’t have that mentality, and you shouldn’t expect that. Aim higher”.

I feel this might be good news, because at least this time when we get the game on the new consoles, the game will be “new”, hopefully with an updated game engine and a ton of brand new features. Alas, this year’s entry on the annual franchise will have a bigger focus on “bodily contact” and the “TrueBall” technology (ball physics), as well as the regular gameplay tweaks…

What do you think of Konami’s decision? Do you think they should make a next gen port anyway, or do you understand and accept their decision to hold it back until they can make new and true improvements to the game? Share your thoughts and opinions below and let us know what’s on your mind!


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