The Road to Greenlight Episode 2 – Bring Your Cameras


The Road to Greenlight Episode 2 – Bring Your Cameras

In this episode of The Road to Greenlight, I’m bringing you something different, a new format to be exact. Instead of bringing you 3 games and talking just a little about each one, I’ll be focusing on just 1 game per episode, this way it will be easier for me to bring you more regular episodes and give each game the emphasis they deserve.


Due to come out later this year, DreadOut is a third person horror game, with strong influences from the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series.

Brought to you by the newcomers Digital Happiness, an Indonisian studio estyablioshed in 2011, whose first game you’re seing here!

In it, you play as a young woman who finds herself alone in an Asian-Indonisian ghost town filled with, you guessed it, ghosts… And her only way them is using her… camera. The game is played on the Third Person but jumps to a First Person perspective when using the camera, which means you’ll be seeing a lot of creepy things upclose! Needless to say, this is ideal to make you feel unconfortable and can provide some horrifying jumpscares!

The game will allow you to use more items than just the basic camera, such as smartphones or video recoding devices, but the premise will remain the same, scare you to death and make you explore the scneery in First Person to kee you always on edge, which is great if you’re into games like “Slender” or  “Amnesia”.


Unfortunally, not much more is known about this title, but judging by its demo, it clearly a work in progress as evidenced by its simple animations and overall lack of polish. As an Indie project this game looks and feels promising, and I hope the developers don’t just stick to simple “monster in the closet” tactics and work on that atmosphere (which already looks gritty and desolate).

If you would like to know more about this game and help it getting  “Greenlight” you can do so here.

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