E3’s Xbox One and A New Xbox 360 release and pricing info.


Microsoft officially announced the price of the Xbox One late during a June 10 media briefing. The briefing took place at the world-famous electronics expo E3, and also confirmed that the Xbox One will hit shelves this November. Estimated cost figures have been tossed around from as low as 300 USD to as high as 700 USD, but today the debate can come to a close.

The price hones in on an astounding 500 USD. This was not an unexpected number considering the cost of what it takes to actually produce such a high-graphically functioning machine, on par with Sony’s new PS4 being released around the same time. The Xbox One will act as a living room centerpiece tagged as ‘the all-in-one entertainment system’. The console comes complete with included Kinect camera and microphone, Blu Ray/DVD capabilities, real-time television interface, and a focus on always online capability coupled with intensive licensing checks, in addition to other features. The Xbox One was definitely going to cost consumers a lot of money in order to purchase and sustain these services. Reactions to the pricing news have been mixed.

Even with the price being lowballed, considering predictions as high as $700.00, the Xbox One will still cost gamers a pretty-penny. When compared to Nintendo’s Wii U, the pricing and the controversial decision to license the titles being released for the console.

In addition to the One’s price and release date, Microsoft introduced a sleeker and more powerful Xbox 360. The company assured it acts as a promise that they will continue to offer dedicated service for the established console. This begs the question, however, as to whether the promised future titles for the 360 will also abide by the licensing and cloud terms that the Xbox One mandates. If this is so, it also eliminates most of the appeal the 360 offers. Pricing for the updated Xbox 360 were not confirmed or even mentioned. If interested, the system is available via your Xbox 360 dashboard as of today, June 10.


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