Exclusive Day 1 Xbox One Sales Skyrocket

special xboxone

Even though the Xbox One caught a lot of flack about it’s high price tag, Amazon reports that its inventory for Day One commemorative systems a nearly sold out in a mere 6 hours! The ability to pre-order the ‘Day One’ Xbox kicked off in the midst of the E3 media briefing. Although it is currently at the top of Amazon’s sales charts. An Amazon sales-rep had this to say on the company’s official Facebook page,

“What a day!We are thrilled by the unbelievable demand we saw for Xbox One. In the first six hours of pre-order availability, we’ve sold through most of our Xbox One inventory,”

The Xbox Day One commemorative system Part of the demand for Xbox One pre-orders is the Day One Commemorative Edition that comes with system that comes in premium black packaging with a limited edition Xbox One Day One wireless controller, as well as a commemorative Day One Achievement.

It seems that the system is selling rather quickly, however if you’re interested and Amazon happens to run out of Xbox Ones to pre-order, it also available to pre-order at Best BuyGameStopWalmart and the Microsoft Store. I have a feeling a majority of these sales are on behalf of scalpers hoping to make big cash on a special edition console. So if you actually do want a Day One Xbox One, we’d suggest you buy it now before the price skyrockets this holiday season.

The regular Xbox One will be set to release November 2013 just in time for holiday season.


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