Versus XIII ready to take the stage as Final Fantasy XV

There is one game that has become synonymous with the Final Fantasy fandom for its delays, mixed news and wild theories — Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Back in 2006, Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced alongside Final Fantasy XIII, a game that went on to get great scores across the board, but often loathed by many in the Final Fantasy fandom for moving away from the series roots.

However, after the announcement, Final Fantasy Versus XIII slipped into the unknown with only a few updates here and there, and with it rumors about its potential cancellation began to surface. Those rumors were vanquished last night at Sony’s E3 conference, as Tetsuya Nomura, Game Director of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, showed off a new teaser for the game, now dubbed Final Fantasy XV for the next generation of consoles.

No further news has been announced if the game will feature on the Xbox One or the Wii U. We’ll keep you posted!


Final Fantasy XV is also coming to the Xbox One.

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