The Road to Greenlight Episode 3 – Creepy Forests and Cannibals

Here we are for the third episode of  “The Road to Greenlight” and I am proud to bring you another horror game, and this one has just been Greenlit, so I’m here to talk a little bit about it and to show you why it deserves your interest!


The Forest is a “First Person Survival Horror Simulator”, now that’s a mouthful… In the game you’ll play as a lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, who finds himself (you guessed it) alone on a forest who’s inhabitants are gentle mutant cannibalistic creatures… Suffice it to say, you’ll have to do what it takes to survive.

You’ll be able to chop down trees at leisure to make sure you’ve got enough materials to make a shelter or even a fortress where you can hunker down at night and even set up traps to catch your hunters by surprise. According to the Steam page of the game, you’ll also need to eat and warm yourself up to survive! There will be a day/night cycle and dynamic weather, and while we’re talking about aesthetics, there will also be a chance to customize your hiding place with objects you find in the world and full Oculus Rift support for all you lucky bastards who can get your hands on a pair.


The game will be coming out later this year, be sure to check the game’s website and steam page by clicking on both the links provided to get to know more about this survival horror experience.

The game is being developed by SKS Games, you can access their website here.

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