Epic Games Senior Producer Leaves for Bioware


People used to make jokes about Mass Effect being more of an action game than an RPG and so they called it Gears of Effect, a reference to the Gears of War series, of course. Not a bad comparison might I say, since Mass Effect’s cover based shooting mechanics are inspired by Epic’s AAA franchise.

Now, you do have another reason to compare the two franchises since Epic Games Senior Producer Chris Wynn as left the company to go work on the next Mass Effect game.

The new entry in the Mass Effect universe is still shrouded by mistery and the only thing we know is that it will be using the frostbite engine and that the game will NOT be a continuation of the existing trilogy, the Canadian developer has also stated before that they are more interested in doing a more focused game, as seen in Dragon Age 2 for example. They do not want to make a “Shepard 2” and that can only be good thing!

Do you believe Chris Wynn to be a valuable addition to the next entry in the beloved Mass Effect franchise or do you believe that with him, the next game can become even more action oriented and less an RPG?

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