GTA V: Gameplay Trailer Analysis

As you know, a few days ago we had our first look at gameplay from Rockstar’s newest game, Grand Theft Auto V. Although the trailer was said to be all In-game footage, it is was only a small appetizer and not a complete reveal! We at Gamesoul have set out to analyze the trailer in detail and are here to present you with the best moments and details that you might have missed!

  • The first thing to notice is the underwater clip that shows what looks to be a demolished building and the character swimming past it, this along with another underwater shot later in the trailer show that scuba diving is looking pretty extensive in the game! Unfortunately no sharks were seen in the whole trailer.

  • We soon get a quick glimpse of the HUD. The mini-map is now square shaped and has 3 different bars underneath it, a green bar which we can presume it will be the players health, a blue one, maybe flack jacket? And a last bar that depending on the character had a slightly different color, probably referring to the special actions each protagonist will have, such has Michael’s slow motion inducing bullet time skill that you can activate during firefights!

  • Another detail you might have noticed is that they were using the PlayStation System to record the gameplay we saw. In more than one occasion indications were visible on the top left of the screen indicating to the player the use of the X or button and to use the R2 button to shoot a sniper rifle. R2 to shoot? Hmmm…

  • There were also some (maybe all) skills visible in the trailer, where they show Michael storming a building Rainbow Six Vegas style. While the gameplay switches from him to Franklin we can see a set of skills, which is the same for both characters although the 3 main protagonists are each better at something than the others (Michael is a lot better than Franklin at being stealthy for example). The skills as seen in the trailer are: special; stamina; shooting; strength; flying; driving and lung capacity.

  • A detail that might have been missed is that you can see “83 Days” in the lower left corner where you can pick 1 of the 3 characters. There is also space for a forth character in the bottom of the player wheel in the lower right corner, you can even see a faint shadow as if a character was meant to be there but isn’t. DLC? Or maybe an extra character for some of the missions?

  • Entering buildings should be just like in GTA IV without any loading whatsoever as we can see someone talking on the phone in real time in the clothing store Michael is about to enter.

  • In the short segment we see Franklin walking down a street we can briefly see his famous dog, a Rottweiler walking behind him. Will we be able to take the dog where we want with us? Maybe even in a car? The dog could also be a good companion during combat situations. The trailer also shows a lot of gangsters dressed in green and even tags in the wall, just like we saw in GTA San Andreas… Maybe the groove Street families make a return, although Rockstar has confirmed that current Gen GTA games are from a separate Universe than the PS2 era ones.

  • A testament to Travis’s insanity is the part where we see him trying to flush a foot. If its a person or a mannequin its not clear as it bends easily when he tries to kick it down the toilet… Oh Travis, such a charmer…

  • As shown in the trailer we can swap between protagonists at will outside of missions, which makes us wonder if we won’t miss any dialogue if we aren’t using a particular character at a specific time. Of course it is hard to believe Such a mistake could be done by Rockstar but as the camera turns to Michael he his arriving at his home on a bike along with his son who makes a joke and goes inside the house; did we loose all the dialogue between father and son while we chose to control another character? Maybe not and they just made the trailer that way to show us the swapping mechanics. Relationships between characters are usually very well portrayed in GTA titles and missing dialogue won’t help us getting to know the characters…

  • Now lets analyze the few seconds of car customization we saw. There are probably going to exist more than one place to customize your vehicles but in the place we saw (Los Santos Customs) we had 26 different types of wheels and 75 different car colors. There was also 4 different car stats on screen while  on the customization garage, probably because it will be possible to upgrade car parts and not just its aesthetics. Top Speed; Acceleration; Breaking and Traction were the stats showed.

  • Still on customization, we saw Franklin in a Suburban store (clothing store present ion GTA San Andreas), where he had several jeans at his disposal (exact number not shown on the trailer), and 12 different jackets to choose from. There also be several tattoos available to “purchase” with 16 available in the place shown in the trailer (Tattoo Body Art and Piercings). But unlike what we saw in San Andreas, the tattoo menu wasn’t shown by body part but as a whole, with each tattoo available to do in a fixed spot.

  • Let’s move on to the available arsenal and the gun gameplay we got to see. The shooting  looked very close to what we got  in Max Payne 3, which in and of itself is something great!  We saw Franklin wielding a simple pistol and hiding behind a car (demonstrating a cover system close to what we saw in the last GTA game and the possibility to blind fire). The game will use a radial system to let you choose your weapon on the go, slowing the gameplay to a crawl and allowing you to select the weapon you need without having to press a button multiple times like in the previous games. The available weapons shown were the previously mentioned 9mm pistol; C4/TNT charges; grenade launcher; shotgun, sniper/assault/carbine rifle; which means a total of 7 weapons at any given time. There will also be a renowned melee system and each protagonist will have their own melee abilities, although unfortunately it wasn’t shown in the trailer, lets face it, melee combat in GTA games has always been pretty poor…

  • Heists! We already knew that heists would play a huge part in this game has fans have expressed their love for the mission “Three Leaf Clover”  from GTA IV, but now we got a close look at what we’ll be able to do. According to the trailer there will be 2 ways of going around to complete these main story missions, “Smart” (using your brains) which means you’ll be acquiring disguises and even putting people to sleep by using sleeping gas and then entering the building. You can also go in “Loud and Dumb” (Guns Blazing) and enter the building waving your guns in the air using nothing but a motorbike helmet to hide you identity. Despite the way you choose to take, you’ll first have to set up the heists by doing “Normal” missions, which will include all the needed preparation to set up those heists! Information previously released lets us know that you’ll be able to recruit NPC’s to help you on the heists and we’ve also got a glimpse of that in this trailer. We saw a guy whose expertise was driving and had 3 different skills: driving skill; composure and vehicle choice. Its intriguing to see that composure skill there… Will someone without composure blow our cover during a heist? Would he freak out and turn on us? The possibilities are all there… We also saw a gunman for hire, whose skills were: health; accuracy; shoot rate and weapon choice. Finally there was also a female NPC in the group, a hacker whose skills were: sys knowledge; decryption skill and access speed. Note that she was the one getting a bigger cut (15%) while the other two guys got 14%. Maybe it’s purpose is to shows us the importance of a good hacker or just the possibility to change the quantity of cash we’ll be sharing with our associates. Of course you’ll want to hire associates according to the way you want to approach each situation.

  • A neat thing we also got to see in the trailer was a destruction of a wall showing off a good destruction engine. Although the scene we saw was part of a mission so it could have all been a script, remember the last mission of San Andreas? And don’t forget that Rockstar keeps saying this will be a current gen game, so they are “limited” to what the PS3 and Xbox 360 can do! Now hold up for a minute and think of what they will be able to achieve with a Grand Theft Auto title on the next-gen… It will no doubt be impressive, but let’s stick to the matter at hand and focus on the present.

  • It will be possible to buy your own cars! Driving also seems to have a bigger arcade focus, with fast driving and cars that looked light and easy to drive (which comes in contrast with GTA IV’s more “realistic” approach were cars took 2 days to make a decent turn and if you were going at more than 20 miles per hour, you would crash).

  • Mini games and activities, the things that will be of utmost importance if Rockstar want us to keep on playing their game and immerse ourselves in their world. It was the supreme level of customization and side activities you could do that made players love San Andreas the way they did. The lack of these activities was also the biggest downside about GTA IV, making players feel that despite being big, the world was deprived of interactivity and could have had a lot more content… In GTA V, players will have a whole lot more things to do a their disposal! Golf; a shooting range; tennis; cycling; bounties to complete; hunting and a stock/real estate economy.

  • As far as we’ve seen, all the side activities will have a degree of depth to them! Golf will feature a power bar just like you see in some more arcade oriented golf games like Let’s Golf. You also see Michael playing golf on his own, but maybe we’ll be able to play it with more than one person as you can clearly see in the upper left corner of the screen, there is the indication of the players that are golfing and there’s only Michael there. If it was a single person mini-game there would be no need to say his name because you would know whose the character you’re using! We also see a strength bar when you see Michael playing tennis, which will probably be an arcade activity also, on the vein of Virtua Tennis (this game isn’t a simulation after all). We saw a bit of cycling too, it could be a single race, but the bikes they were using and the clothes the player was wearing (what character are they using anyway?). There will also be bounties to complete, meaning we will be hunting for people, but who we’ll be working for remains a mystery…The police? Maybe the mafia or even the gangs… As for hunting, it is said by the lady narrating the trailer that there will be wildlife to hunt and be hunted by, and we see Trevor dressed in a camouflage outfit getting out of his caravan, followed by a shot showing us a special HUD showing the wind’s speed and direction. As for the stock and real estate market, you will be able to buy houses and probably inhabit or sell them to make money, it wouldn’t be much of a market if you couldn’t sell them, right? As for stocks, that came as a huge surprise as there seems to be a system running in the background with stocks being bought and sold independently. If the trailer is to be believed we saw an internet page showing us the transactions of a single stock holder in the last 5 hours. It will be extensive it seems, we just hope it won’t break the game’s economy making the player have more money than they need and so being able to buy everything without much of a challenge! We saw stocks from various companies, 3 of them being the well known Ammu-Nation, Binco and Badger.

  • Ammu-Nation is back to fulfill all of your firepower needs!
  • In the end of the trailer we got a glimpse of the multiplayer which showed us a player inside a house (buying houses on multiplayer?) looking down to the city, in real time, and watching a ton of players going about their business and even flying a jet! A return of the free roam mode from GTA IV or maybe the long awaited RPG modes people love so much from the unofficial GTA San Andreas multiplayer, where you can buy houses and cars and even have jobs in the game’s city and with hundreds of players at the same time. Players won’t have to wait much more as a multiplayer focused trailer will be coming out soon and probably answer some of the many questions we all have!

The game comes out September 17 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. No comment has been made regarding a PC version, although all the GTA games end up coming out on the PC sooner or later but don’t forget that Red Dead Redemption, the company’s last game, never came out on the PC…

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