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next generation

Here we are, entering inside a new generation of videogames and consoles, always one step-a-head of what we could expect a few years ago. All the major names of the industry have already presented their new generation consoles, and some already released them. But what can you expect from them? Which is the one who’ll stand out from the rest? Is there an obvious choice for you? If it’s the case, hold it! The Gamesoul-Online staff reunited  and shared some of their beliefs about the console they think will stand out! Take a look and make your decision, at your very own risk!


With a lot of hot emphasis surrounding the PS4 and the Xbox One, I believe we’ve lost a lot of well deserved attention focused on the-next gen Nintendo counterpart who has been hanging around since 2012! That’s right folks, it’s the Wii U is my choice pick for favorite next generation console.

It’s not that Sony and Microsoft aren’t offering something to beat in the next generation battle, it’s more about how consumers often count Nintendo out refusing to see that there are devoted gamers outside of their own sphere of interests. And that’s a shame, because Nintendo continues to dominate world markets after well over 30 years of console and gaming  innovation. In addition to it’s ironclad grip on the hand held market, Nintendo has the least amount of resales on their games, making DRM and other controversial issues not a problem. The Wii continued to fall short of demand even two years after it’s debut and now the Wii U, acting as a continuation to the innovative Wii, is hanging-in-wait for people to actually see it’s potential as a standalone system. Well, that’s exactly what this article aims to do.

The Wii U Gamepad is a huge improvement from it’s father-system’s original Wiimote. It is easy to hold and manage, despite appearing very large and clunky in addition to being delightfully light weight. It offers a great amount of functionality, in many cases eliminating game breaking pauses. The best example of this is found in NB2K 13 for the Wii U. Not only was the gameplay more fluid in my opinion than on the 360 where I had also sampled the play, but I was able to keep track of my player’s stamina and make plays right in front of me on the pad. The only way I would have to kick it ol’ school would be if I had to share the screen and move the action solely onto my controller.

The Gamepad is fantastic for those who share a television screen. The company never has lost sight of the fact that those who grew up with the NES, SNES, and beyond have families now! Players can’t all just sit in their rooms all day and devote their time to the latest titles, some of us have spouses and children and keep our systems in the living room. Nintendo has not only grown with the generations, but have seen an over-saturated market filled with games not appropriate for all ages, and have stuck to and created IP’s which offer fun for everyone. And that’s a huge burden to bare, as it can and has seriously limited their options. That doesn’t mean, however, that Nintendo planned on staying PG only market for the rest of time. Which is why now that they’ve entered the HD era with their new Wii U, developers can also offer some of trhe same titles and Nintendo’s hardware can handle it. Which is why we’re seeing Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, with special features only the Wii U is capable of offering because of it’s Gamepad. Or Injustice: Gods Among Us, a graphic fighting game. There is even more still waiting in the queue of the future plus the ability to play old favorites from the past via virtual console. My only personal gripe with Nintendo, is it’s refusal to link cross-platform accounts digitally via Club Nintendo.

The Wii U is so eye-opening, that companies have used it as a marker for how they want to develop games. An awesome example of this is with Ubisoft talking about implementing a Google Glass type feature for their upcoming Watch  Dogs titles, because of the versatility they can only find on the Wii U thanks to it’s controller. The function will act through an app and will sync your device to the game, offering you an extra screen. Although there are many problems I can see with the realistic functionality of using nearly any device, its definitely a huge tip of the hat to Nintendo’s creations.

In the end, the Wii U is a vastly underrated system, and for those of you who haven’t given it a chance I strongly urge you to do so! Nintendo has no plans of harming the retailers, or putting the customer last when it comes to how they make their money. They believe in their product and their work, and they hold on strong even in hard times. And that is why Nintendo really is a company our children and continuing generations will continue to interact with, whether its on a home console, or a hand held.

The saddest part is, that in this race the biggest competition for the company isn’t even the Xbox One or the PS4 at all. It’s the App Store on iTunes! Support Nintendo, who has been bringing gaming to the masses since before most reading this article were born! Show these generations of children who weren’t exposed to the days before the internet that they’re more to gaming than Angry Birds. Not that there’s anything wrong with Angry Birds, or that you can’t find a quality game in an app store. Personally I find Plants v Zombies to be an engaging RTS; but there is more out there. The critical thinking skills we’ve developed, the worlds we’ve explored, the stories that were told, Nintendo had a lot to do with how the now adult generations grew-up. Now with the Wii U, they’re catering to our more mature tastes, while still granting us access to challenging but childlike wonder which captured our hearts in the first place. And because of that, we should support them till the very end.

Written By Paige Six


Next gen is about to explode in a ball of glory and hardware potential and today I’m here to explain to you why the next gen console I’m looking forward to the most is the Playstation 4.

My first console was a Playstation 1, before that I had an Amiga 500 but that was a home computer so it doesn’t count. Growing up in the 90’s I quickly become a Sony fan, playing great games as Metal Gear Solid 1 and the Crash Bandicoot series. Later the Ps2 was launched and I was able to get my hands on one a year after its release. When the Xbox first came to the market I had no interest on it. It was basically a Ps2 but a little more powerful, I was completely satisfied with my Ps2 and so I just dismissed it. Then I started growing older and more aware and the Xbox 360 came to the market, although by that time I had become more focused on Pc gaming. It wasn’t cheap and so I didn’t have the means to buy it so I decided to wait and see what Sony would do. The PS3 came and I had to wait 2 years before I was able to get one! Quickly I realized that there were a ton of exclusives for the Ps3 and that the Xbox 360, who had came out earlier in the cycle didn’t have as many. Halo and Gears of War were the only 2 titles that ever got my interest on Microsoft’s system and as the Ps3 had Uncharted, God of War, and a lot more exclusives games (something that continued to grow until today with games like The Last of Us for example). I was definetly more interested in Sony’s console once again!

 If you’re wondering why I decided to share these facts its because the exclusive games are what sells a console, providing you don’t do something irrational and borderline ridiculous with it (I’m looking at you Microsoft). Exclusive games! Those that can only be played on one system are what drives the player to buy a specific console! There is also another fact that sometimes companies forget, nostalgia! This is a very strong marketing tool and if a player has been with Sony since the beginning, why would he choose to leave Sony and hop on Microsoft’s band wagon? Since next gen consoles will be, at their core, gaming PC’s, and their parts will closely resemble each other, it will come down to which games you will be able to play in each console and what new Ip’s will be brought to the table and what franchises might be coming back! Syphon Filter is a game I would love to see in the PS4 (nostalgia once again Sony)! Something I noticed from this year’s E3 was that a lot of these next gen games will be coming to the PC, which is very good since I’m majorly a PC player. Microsoft’s presented some interesting titles, such as Project Spark and Ryse: Son of Rome, but their policies (which I won’t get into) have made their own fanbase very upset and have probably made them loose a few followers. I can say that after the policies Microsoft wanted to apply and has now turned 180º on, I still am not going to purchase the Xbox One as they have already lost my consumer trust!

 As for Nintendo, they go about their business not really caring much for current events and doing their own thing. I can’t even say the WiiU is truly next-gen as it’s hardware is current gen… They do have great games and franchises but they are milking them senselessly and they need innovation! That tablet/controller? Not enough. I don’t believe they are even in the same fight as Microsoft and Sony. Remember the Wii? That console wasn’t “on par” with the Ps3 and Xbox 360 and still sold a ton more units than them… Unfortunally I can’t see that happening again for many reasons… What I can see is the WiiU going the route of the Gamecube and “dying” sooner or later, which won’t be good neither for Nintendo nor for us, the players.

 That leaves us Sony. With a focused message on gaming and some online features (that I do not care about), it is building up to have a solid launch with some exclusives already announced and more to be unveiled soon at gamescom, it will most likely have a stronger first year than its competitor, the Xbox One (at least in the number of exclusives coming out are concerned). I would like to, again, reinforce that although I’m looking forward to get my hands on a PS4, I’m still a PC gamer at my core and as some of the announced next gen games are coming to the PC I’m not even sure I’ll buy a Ps4 at launch, don’t forget how console launches tend to go… Sometimes its just better to wait and see, and if you got a PC, you won’t be missing out on much!

Written By Vítor Vieira


I have to say that I tend to be very loyal to the things I like and enjoy. It’s the case of Microsoft services on Xbox. Since day one I’ve been a Xbox player, I got that console as a present by mistake, I mean, it was supposed to be a Playstation 2, but because of the Sony influence, every console was supposed to be a “Playstation”. That name was so strong on the industry, at least on my country’s industry, that it would be the name given to any console. When I first tried the Original Xbox, I must say that I didn’t know what to expect but in the end it was a good surprise. Most of the popular games of that time were also available for that console, so I became tied to that console.

I became familiar with Microsoft policies and, when the Original Xbox “died”, I bought the Xbox 360 without thinking twice. I never regreted, it has a bunch of great games, exclusives included, as well as it has a very good online service, where the only bad thing is that it has to be paid! Some great games such as Mass Effect, Gears of War, Alan Wake, Halo, Forza and so on, made me realize that I’ve made the right choice, and believe me,  I though many times how would it be to turn to Playstation 3, as it has some great exclusives and system as well, but in the end the 360 was succeeded on answering to my gamer needs!

But, talking about this Next Generation consoles… I was hugely disappointed by Microsoft bet on the industry by doing a very poor presentation of their new “Xbox One”. I know that thousands of people shared this feeling towards this new Microsoft console. They managed to destroy the potential of a new Xbox by only presenting, before anything else, a Television tool that can also play games. It should be the opposite, it should be specially focused on gaming experiences. Something that Microsoft didn’t make clear enough. On top of that was also the lack of truly interesting exclusives, unlike it happened on Sony conference, that in my opinion left some holes as well.

Now, after all the controversy Microsoft created, they decided to actually listen to Xbox fanbase and change things a bit. If I had doubts about the new Xbox One, most of them were gone after Microsoft decided to reformulate their approach and do some ajustments on Xbox One policies that came prove that we’ll have a great console on the market. The system it self stays untouched, showing high and improved potential that new Gen is all about. The console won’t require mandatory internet connection and the “Used Games” policy will not longer be a problem depending on Publishers. To join all that is an incredible Kinect System that will turn your console into a dream-like device. You’ll be able to control menus and all the functions of the console with your voice, as well as many other things. The console design is very simple and quite beautifull, specially the controller that keeps the same design of its past versions, adding improvements that seem to be very good. Most multiplatform games will released first on the Xbox One, as well as lots of publishers seem to be interested on developing new games to match the system potential on all dimensions. The Xbox Live system promises to keep the well known paid services, with top quality as Xbox players have been used to.

In the end, the Xbox One had a very bad start, that made it fall behind, but its potential show that it is still in time to recover and prove that Microsoft wasn’t actually sleeping when they decided to develope that console. In the meanwhile new exclusive titles will probably be shown, and I believe that the “exclusive” term will tend to become weaker and weaker, as Xbox One offers great oportunities to new and old developers open their eyes at what the future is made of.

Written By Manuel Carneiro

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