Xbox One Changes More Policies


Source: Microsoft

Xbox One will making another huge flip-flop from its initial policies. We’ve explored in the past how their original policy could have really hurt the Indie and smaller developers, with games such as Day Z taking a strong stance against the platform. As it currently stands, independent developers will have to partner up with a larger publisher in order to sell their titles on the One. Forcing them to share a cut of their profits and adding up to large fees.

Speculation suggests that perhaps this policy change is in part to Sony’s new stance which encourages and streamlines the process of Indie publishing for the PS4. During their E3 presentation, Sony even went the extra mile allowing a plethora of Indie developers to take the stage and share what they were in the process of creating.

What is certain is that those opposing the ironclad policies for the One have forced the conglomerate’s hand. In addition to Day Z, long time partners of Microsoft such as Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning was adamant in thier stand against Microsoft’s anti-Indie policies.

“If they’re looking at the world that way, you’ve got the obvious, enormous titles. They’re going to be the big revenue generators. If the company’s purely about profit, profit and profit, they’re looking at those, and then they’re looking at the little guys saying, ‘oh, they only make this much’, Lane told Eurogamer in an interview.

The good news is that these changes, if enacted, will make it much easier for Indie publishers and developers to get the games they push onto the XBLA. The current policy is a huge weakness in the Xbox One’s model, and has turned off a lot of developers and consumers alike. Essentially Microsoft is making way for platforms like Steam, the PlayStation Network, and iOS to offer a huge advantage over their expensive console. We’ve reached out to Microsoft but there has been no word yet as to whether or not these changes will become official.

Source: Another Castle


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