Skyjacker – FIRST LOOK


Fresh off the top of Steam Greenlight we have Skyjacker, an ambitious title that will put you in the shoes of a pirate, a space pirate at that. Based on the “Abyss Lights” book series, you’ll get to interact with and most likely ransack several alien species.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the game is being developed by Digitilus, an Indie producer composed by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry and a passion for Sci-Fi.

The game is aiming quite high, allowing you to play the entire campaign by yourself or with up to 7 other player in co-op, or even battle other players in classic multiplayer modes such as team death match and capture the flag. Although not revolutionary, these may serve as a nice extra to the main focus of the experience will most likely be exploring this fictional universe and the  heavy amounts of customization available to the players.

Starships will be customizable and you’ll be able to make them feel unique with different kinds of weapons and parts. Even more interesting is the “mission constructor”, an editor that will easily allow you to create your own missions.

According to the developer, the game will also feature advanced destruction, granting the ability to destroy enemy ships piece by piece, focusing your fire on specific parts of the enemy ships and salvaging parts that you can later apply to your own vessel.

Full Oculus rift support will be available on launch, Q3 2014 so that you can rob, sabotage and assassinate with full 3d immersion.

You can find more info on the game’s official website here Steam Greenlight page here.

If you like and/or are interested in supporting this game, you can do so in its Kickstarter page here, just be aware that the available demo is still a very early on look at the game and does not feature most of the promised content.

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