Meet the staff:

Manuel Carneiro A.K.A Antiesse

About: Since very young Manuel always liked to write, specially about movies and videogames. When he was only 12 years old, started a blog called “Gamesoul-Online” on the old Windows Live Spaces/MSN Spaces. It had some success as the number of visitors tended to grow. About one year later, he decided to take his idea to Blogger service and published GamesoulOnline on that network. Currently, he works on Inner Fear, a Silent Hill only blog he created in 2011 and Gamesoul Online, a reboot of his old project. Along the way he worked on several other videogame websites, such as 360Turn (now disbanded) and XboxTeamPortugal. Professionally, he’s currently studying filmmaking and writes screenplays for movies.

Robert Lambert

About: Robert has always been a big video game nerd, devoting much of his time to survival horror games and Japanese RPGs. He attended the University of Bolton where he studied computer games design, and since then has moved on to work at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and the London based company We R Interactive. Robert is the founder of the Silent Hill fan page, “Restless Dreams”, and in his spare time is juggling his addiction to Game Dev Story 2, Persona 4 and building a website for said fan page.

Paige Six

About: Based in NY, Paige has been a freelance writer for 5 years now. Gaming and writing are truly her soul and that’s why she finds herself so at home here at Gamesoul Online. While pursuing a degree in Law, she couldn’t quite stop herself from chasing that dream of writing about her first love, video games. Growing up she believed girl power was a mushroom and stars were made for collecting. Ever since the 90’s when she got a Playstation for her 6th birthday it’s been nothing but adventure. Since adventure is also so dear to her heart she considers herself one of the few diehard handheld gamers, never leaving home without a portable system in her pocket. You can also find her rants raves and reviews over at CoiledRose, as well as spotting her contributions all over the video game blogesphere.

Vítor Vieira

About: Befriended an Amiga 500 soon after being born, been gaming ever since. Has a knack for writing and saying things he shouldn’t. Gamer by Heart, whose favorite videogames are Mass Effect 1 and 2, the Metal Gear Solid series, Syphon Filter and Barbie in: The 12 Dancing Princesses (not really). Always preferred PlayStation over Xbox due to the huge amount of exclusives the Playstation has ,yet he respects the Xbox, he also dislikes fanboys so calm down… Loves Online games, especially Co-Op, Left For Dead or Team Fortress 2 are always a go and he can even play some League of Legends matches (although his team will probably loose)… Just don’t try to play FIFA 13 against him, he will kick you ass! No, reallyseriously, he will!
Any more information is confidential and he will have to kill you, although you can follow him on twitter at @VitorRammstein, just try not to piss him off, ok?

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